Mission Statement  

Our Vision

Committed to student success...no exceptions, no excuses!

Our Mission

Spring Place Elementary will cultivate within our students the desire to learn, to graduate from high school,  

and to become productive citizens.

Our Beliefs

We believe:

• All Children can learn.

• Higher expectations result in higher achievement.

• High school graduation is the key to lifelong success.

• Effective relationships are based on respect, trust, and honest communication.

• Technology empowers 21st Century learners.

• Parent and community involvement increases student achievement.

SPE Tigers R.O.A.R.


Obey Rules



  About The School  

Spring Place's History

Image for Spring Place's History

Spring Place Elementary is rich with history.

This school is located in the Georgia Historic Township of Spring Place, Georgia.   Spring Place, the oldest town in Murray County, can trace its roots back before 1832, when Murray County officially became a county.  Spring Place was established in 1801 as a Moravian mission to the Cherokees and had been a post office since 1810 - the second oldest in North Georgia.

The first school in Spring Place was a Moravian Mission School.  The school was established to teach English to the Cherokee children of the area. 

In the late 1800s, there were at least two schools in Spring Place, the Spring Place Academy and the Town School.   They were consolidated in the 1890s and became The Lucy Hill Institute, in honor of a prominent Murray County citizen's daughter who was killed in an unfortunate accident.   A new building was constructed with a large donation from Mr. George Hill, the father of  Miss Lucy Hill.  The Lucy Hill Institute was a forerunner of Spring Place Elementary School.            

Lucy Hill Institute added a high school in 1919 and the students attended school in what had been the Murray County Courthouse before the county seat was moved to Chatsworth (1913).  In 1924 a new school building was constructed and a few years later (1930) a gymnasium was erected on the site of the Lucy Hill Institute. The high school was consolidated with the other high schools in the county to form Murray County High School in 1934. 

We proudly display the original school bell from Lucy Hill Institute.  This bell called students to class for many years at Lucy Hill Institute.  Housed at the Lucy Hill Institute for some time, the bell was rescued from destruction by Luke Ballew, a Lucy Hill graduate, and repaired by Steve Luffman at Manly Jail Works in Dalton.  After more than thirty years in storage, the bell was given to the Spring Place Elementary School in 1989, through the diligent efforts of the Spring Place Ruritan Club.

In the fall of 1969, Spring Place Elementary students and staff members moved into the current building.  Since moving to this facility, three new wings and a gymnasium have been added. Extensive renovations took place during the 1999/2000 school year. Among the many renovations, a new wing was constructed, which is home to Kindergarten, Music classes, and Science classes. 

Spring Place Elementary continues to strive for success and excellence. Many people have walked the halls of Spring Place Elementary during the past 46 years. And if you listen closely you can hear the echoes of our past, present, and future.

PRINCIPALS...Past and Present

1969 - 1988: Mr. Carl L. Davis (sadly, Mr. Davis passed away in 2005)

1988 - 1993: Mr. C.L. Dunn

1993 - 2004: Mr. Lamarr Henry (retired in 2004)

2004 - 2006: Dr. Nonnie Weeks

2006 - 2012: Mrs. Emma Long

2012- Current: Ms. Donna Standridge