The magnetic calendar sent home at the beginning of the year has the incorrect dates for report cards. The correct dates for report cards are November 8th, January 24th, March 31st, and May 26th. We apologize for the error.

Upcoming Events

*December 9th: FROYO Friday (prepay only)

*December 14th:  Club Day

*December 15th:  STEM Day


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 Title I Program Goals

To help students succeed in the regular education program.

To assist students in attaining grade-level proficiency.

To improve student achievement in basic and advanced skills.

To involve parents in their children’s education.

To provide professional development and growth opportunities.

To coordinate Title I and regular education programs.


Carla Pulliam


Staff Member of the Year




Allison Harrison


Teacher of the Year






Teacher and Staff Member of the Year 2015-2016
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Irma Chavez - SPE Staff Member of the Year, 2015 Tammy Acosta - SPE Teacher of the Year, 2015  

On Thursday, October 20th Rock Bridge CC hosted the Fall Festival at SPE. The Spring Place community enjoyed games, inflatables,...

On Friday, September 16th Spring Place Elemetnary hosted over 400 people for their breakfast with grandparents celebration. It...
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We would like to welcome the following to the SPE staff: Krissi McCurdy-2nd grade Joanna Long-3rd grade Tricia Tussing-3rd...

Parents, Spring Place has a Parent Resource Center where you are welcome to check out materials and books to help your students...
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Spring Place Elementary believes: Education is student and parent centered and inclusive of the voices and experiences of...

Title I Program Goals: To help students succeed in the regular education program. To assist students in attaining grade-level...
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